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Control Panel System
Control Panel System
Stock Status

Description of Stock Status:
  • Green: Servers provisioned within 3 days
  • Orange: Servers provisioned between 4 to 7 days
  • Red: 1 Week and above required to fulfill new orders
Current Status:
Rush orders (within 4 hours) with charge of SGD 300.

To order dedicated servers or VPS (virtual private servers), please contact us using the contact form.

Mar 2014: Added 5 units of Dell R720. Dual Xeon E5-2690v2.

Dec 2013: Added 20 units of Dell R210II

Nov 2012: Added another 3 units of Dell R720

Oct 2012: Upgraded 10 units of 48 port Gigabit switches

Oct 2012: Ordered 5 units of Dell R210II

Jun 2012: Ordered another 3 units of Dell R720

May 2012: Ordered 5 units of Dell R720 with E5-2690 (8C, 16T) CPUs.

May 2012: Ordered 10 units of Dell R210-II with Ivy Bridge CPUs.

Dec 2011: Ordered 20 units of Dell R210-II.

Sep 2011: Ordered another 10 pcs of Dell R710.

14 Jun 2011: Received Dell Poweredge R710 servers with X5690 3.46GHz Westmere-EP 6C, 12T CPUs.

9 Mar 2011: Ordered additional 10 servers, Dell R710, Intel Xeon X5670 (Hexa or 6 Core). Storage are 600GB 15K SAS Hdds.

8 Mar 2011: Ordered 5 servers, with Xeon E5620, 600GB 15K SAS Hdds.

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