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One company cannot do everything, thus we concentrate on system administration. We are a sysadmin boutique. We cannot write kernels, device drivers, compilers, php applications or databases. We are where we are today, because we stand on the shoulders of others. It is important to give back to the community. If you need help or sponsorship for a project which is related to our business, please contact us.

Xssist contributes to:

1. PHP (recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor")

PHP is a Open Source general-purpose scripting language. It is very important to our business, and Xssist supports PHP by being an official Singapore Mirror for since 11th March 2007.

2. Myflashbox

Myflashbox is a shoutbox written in flash. Xssist provides free hosting for myflashbox since Oct 2005. To get your own flash shoutbox, visit

3. ImageMagick

ImageMagick is a software suite to manipulate images. It is used in many php applications on webhosting servers, eg. photo galleries, and forums, usually for resizing uploaded photos. Xssist is a sponsor of ImageMagick.

4. Punggol Community Forum

A residents forum for Punggol. Our system administrator and web designer who live in Punggol donated time and Xssist provided cash, bandwidth and hardware to setup the forum.

5. Fantastico De Luxe ; fire disaster in Greece Aug '07

Fantastico is a important part of many webhosting companies running cPanel. It allows users to install many web applications with just a few clicks, rather than going through command lines and setting up mysql databases manually.

In Aug '07, Ilias Moisidis of Netenberg (the company which gives us Fantastico), sent out an appeal for donations to the victims of the fire disaster in Greece. These are his people, and we consider Fantastico as part of the webhosting family.

Xssist contributed a modest amount to the fund which is matched by Netenberg.

6. Xssist is a USENIX Partner, 2010.

USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association.

7. Xssist is a SAGE Partner, 2010.

SAGE is the USENIX Special Interest Group for Sysadmins.