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Control Panel System
Control Panel System
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Also known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). We provide the best VPS servers in the market. For our premium VPS, we are using 32-core servers with 64GB RAM, and Solid state drives (Intel X25-M G2).

You get

Price per mth

  • Guaranteed 1GB RAM
  • 32GB disk quota on Solid State Drives (SSD), with hardware mirror
  • 100GB/mth data transfer (Singapore data centre)
  • 1 IP

  • SGD30.00/mth cPanel (VPS license)
  • SGD5.00/mth for each additional IP

Price and specifications updated: 24th Feb 2011

Our VPS servers run Virtuozzo and CentOS.

Available disk space will be lower after installation of OS, cPanel, apache, php, mysql and usage by logfiles.

For higher requirements, please take a look at our dedicated server offering.

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