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Control Panel System
Control Panel System
About Our Company

Xssist, Dedicated Server Provider, is a company for sysadmins (System Administrators). We are sysadmins providing services to sysadmins. Our customers are technical people who knows quality hardware when they see it, and appreciate having competent sysadmins as their first line of support. Think of us as a sysadmin boutique™.

We are able to provide you with Singapore dedicated servers, Singapore VPS and Singapore web hosting.

Server Hardware

We standardize on the servers used, and stock up systematically on spare parts, including CPUs, RAM, SAS harddisks, and solid state drives (SSDs). This allows us to respond quickly to hardware problems, swapping out faulty parts, or entire server chassis.

We started using 4-socket servers in Dec 2005. In 2007, we provided customers with Dual cores CPUs, 8 core servers. In 2008, we were able to offer 8 socket, 16-cores servers. For 2010, we included 32-core, 128 GB servers with SSDs to our product line.

We have been using mainly SCSI (U320 and subsequently, SAS) disks since 2005, moving towards SSDs from 2010. We insist on having at least RAID 1 or 10 on servers. SATA with RAID 1 is used for backup storage (ftp or rsync).


Many of the servers we provide to clients run CentOS (RedHat Enterprise Linux clone). We are good in CentOS. We do provide installation and SPLA license for Windows 2008 (both Enterprise and Datacenter editions) and MSSQL if required, for dedicated servers. However, our focus is on linux servers.


We use Virtuozzo for our Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Xssist being a linux shop; we considered mainly 2 products, Virtuozzo (OS Partitioning/ Virtualization) and Xen (Virtual Machine/ VMM). Xssist's choice is Virtuozzo. We are a Parallels Gold Partner.

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Control Panel

We favour cPanel for web hosting control panel. Customers are welcomed to install directadmin, ensim etc. Our recommendation however, is for cPanel. We are an authorized cPanel partner, and we are very good in cPanel. cPanel provides scripts to install and update apache, mysql, php easily; web interfaces for non-sysadmin end users to manage DNS, MTAs, POP & IMAP, management of email accounts etc; frees up sysadmin time.

cPanel Partner NOC


Singapore presence. We choose to serve mainly customers operating from Singapore, or need to have a server in Singapore supporting the Asia Pacific region. Our servers are located in Singapore data centres, our support is located in Singapore. We provide Singapore dedicated servers; in particular, high end linux dedicated servers.