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1. URL blocking to deter phishing

We have been getting more and more cases of phishing sites being hosted on clients accounts. PHP scripts, particularly popular scripts for forums, CMS and blogs which are not brought up to date, are pretty vulnerable to attacks. Attackers will place their files into the cracked accounts. The most commonly phished sites are banks, ebay and paypal.

Since we do not have access to many of the servers, being unmanaged, and really do not want to mess with clients' scripts on shared servers; a solution would be to block all incoming requests for URLs with bankofamerica, paypal and ebay in the URL. Need to monitor existing requests to ensure there's no legitimate pages having these keywords. Probably do a redirect to a webpage with info, so users can contact us if their pages get blocked.

2. Spam mails

Another bane of web hosting is spam mails. Most antispam require installation on servers, or if they are appliances, would require a proxy smtp setup.

A transparent antispam appliance would be nice, both for incoming and outgoing connections; and would not require customers to change configuration. Servers would still have antispam such as spam assassin. This would be an addition, and also prevent cracked accounts from sending out spam from our servers.

3. Nagios

Look into monitoring of servers using Nagios. Use together with a GSM modem to send out SMS when services are down.

4. NTOP and Colasoft

Used to have NTOP running, but NTOP crashes every few days. Need to try it again, to have statistics in addition to what we have currently. Check Colasoft products as well. For statistics, more is usually better ;)

5. Packeteer (Packet Shaping)

Just got a Packeteer with 100Mbps shaping. Will need to set this up, in addition to the Allot Netenforcer 45Mbps we have currently. Will be able to provide customers with a login page, with monitoring of their bandwidth usage.

30 Apr 2007

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