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Access to servers via mobile device and ssh

"Road Warrior", the term for travelers who are armed with all sorts of devices, mainly electronics, for the road. Things like notebook, gps, mobile phone with gprs and 3G, triband (GSM 900, 1800, 1900), voltage converters, adaptors for phone jacks, power plugs are all essential, for travel around the world, and stay online. If you are travelling somewhere remote, you may need a satellite phone.

Jump to Singapore, and Sysadmins. What are the essentials?

A notebook with 3G would be a good solution for sysadmins who are on call 24/7. However, it gets a bit tedious to lug around a notebook everywhere. A good alternative is the Nokia 9300i. Flip it open, and you have a qwerty keyboard. Add in a ssh client and you can access your servers easily, through GPRS. A bit slow, but good for times when you are offsite, and get called to fix problems that just needs a restart to a process, or a VPS reboot; things that can be done easily through shell.

Recommended ssh client for Nokia 9300i: look at the ssh client is a demo, but fully functional. Allows you to test it; pay for license if you like it.

The 9300i keyboard does not have keys like pipe, i.e. | and ` and there is problem with running pico and pine, and the mochasoft ssh doesn't pass return the way the pico and pine wants it. Mochasoft allows you to configure "Function Keys" to return characters set by you, in ascii. This can be used for the absolutely essential pipe character | and the good to have `

The 9300i does not have camera, so that's a plus if you need it for ICT.

If you have ideas or recommendations for devices, for accessing servers remotely, please send it to us through the contact form. Let's exchange information on how to do our job, i.e. system administration better.

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