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[Sysadmin] Parallels Virtuozzo Physical server to Container migration (vzp2v)

It can be intimidating for a sysadmin used to using command line, to use a graphical interface to migrate a server. Not knowing what steps will be taken, not being able to check the outcome of each step. Just did that recently, used the Parallels Management Console to migrate a physical server running CentOS 5.x to a VPS. I have done plenty of vzmigrate, but not vzp2v.

The process went well. From Parallels Management Console, expand the destination server running parallels, i.e. click on the + on left hand side of hostname, right click on "Virtuozzo Containers", go to tasks, and "Migrate Physical Server to Container.. "

Enter in the IP address of origin server, root password, and choose various options. From there, Parallels Management Console, the GUI, takes over, and copy files to the origin physical server, "Deploying the migration agent to ...." is shown on GUI.

Several virtuozzo files are transferred to the origin server. /usr/local/share/vzlinmigrate, /var/vzagent.tmp/* and executed. The software determines which linux distribution is used. resource usage is calculated. You are then prompted to confirm the linux distribution, answer questions on network configuration, naming of the VPS, quotas, resource restriction etc to be used for the VPS.

There is also an option to shutdown the physical server and start the VPS after migration. The option is off by default, and I did not enable it. rsync is then used to transfer files from the origin server to the destination VPS.

After the migration is done by the GUI, I accessed the origin physical server via KVM over IP, and shutdown the network interface, and started up the new VPS. VPS starts up ok.

There does not appear to be risk of data loss during the migration; I did not see any "destructive" operation, ymmv (your mileage may vary).

Lim Wee Cheong
20th July 2010

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