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Xssist™ Group Pte Ltd is a cPanel Partner NOC. cPanel & WebHost Manager (WHM) is a web hosting control panel system. Both cPanel & WHM are extremely feature rich as well as include an easy to use web based interface (GUI).

For a comprehensive list of cPanel features, please click here.

  • Basic Skinable User Interface
  • Ability to Change Automatic Update Schedule
  • Change Hostname
  • Set Server Time
  • Three Different Reseller Systems
  • Unix Quota Support
  • Ability to Change MySQL Root Password
  • Disable/Enable Suexec
  • Wheel su Security
  • Remote Access Keys
  • Interactive Knowledge Base
  • Server Backup and Restore
  • Config File Rollback
  • Graceful and Forceful Reboot Support
  • Service Status Page
  • Server Info Page
  • Quick Access to Apache Status
  • CPU/Memory/MySQL usage history
  • Ability to limit users disk space, bandwidth, POP accounts, FTP accounts, shell access, SQL databases, lists and subdomains
  • Account Upgrades/Downgrades
  • Ability to rearrange accounts (move access between disks)
  • Suspension of Accounts
  • Email all users
  • Change users' passwords
  • Change ownership of an account (move account between resellers)
  • Demo Mode
  • Custom Suspension Pages
  • Ability to Copy Accounts from other servers, including: cPanel, WebPanel, Plesk, CiHost/Spectro, Ensim, Alabanza
  • Built in cPanel/WHM Theme Manager
  • Access to Addon cPanel Themes
  • Domain Parking/Pointing
  • Add a DNS Zone
  • DNS Zone Editor with syntax checker
  • Ability to Host DNS on a remote machine
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Install FrontPage Extensions
  • Reset the MySQL Root Password
  • Repair a Database
  • Change a Database user's password
  • Manage IP Addresses (Add/Remove)
  • Format new Hard Disks
  • Optimize EIDE hard drives
  • Install Perl Modules
  • Mail Troubleshooter
  • Manage Mail Queue
  • View Mail Stats
  • Background Process killer (detect & kill IRC bots)
  • View System Processes
  • Reset a Mailman (Mailing List) Password
  • Update to the latest version with a Click
  • Change the SSL Certificate cPanel/WHM uses
  • Generate a new SSL Certificate
  • Install an SSL Certificate
  • Restart Services
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