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Control Panel System
Reports On Downtime

Downtime report for 06 May 06 (Network issue)
  • 06 May 06 2229hrs : Network congestion starts
  • 06 May 06 2245hrs : Problem narrowed down to VPS being attacked.
  • 06 May 06 2320hrs : Shutdown all VPS
  • 06 May 06 2328hrs : Network up
  • 06 May 06 2350hrs : VPS up
Chart 07 May 06

Problem: a VPS (Virtual private server) was attacked. All available bandwidth used up; which caused congestion. All servers within our rack at 1-Net affected.

What was done: Shutdown VPS; restarted VPS when network recovers; installed monitoring script within the VPS to check for rogue processes. kill the rogue processes when found.

Short term measure implemented: Stricter bandwidth limiting on all ports; and linux shaping used on VPS.

Long term solution: Packet shaper purchased on 8 May 06. Will update when packet shaping is fully implemented.